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Project Leader
Project Title

  Elizabeth Breeze   Inequalities in Quality of Life Among People Aged 75 and Over Living in the Community
  Chris McKevitt   Comparing Professional and Patient Perspectives on Quality of Life
Peter Coleman
  Spiritual Beliefs and Existential Meaning in Later Life: The Experience of Older Bereaved Spouses
John Baldock
  Housebound and Older People: The Links Between Identity, Self-esteem and the Use of Care Services
Maria Evandrou
  Family, Work and Quality of Life: Changing Economic and Social Roles
Kate Bennett
  Older Widow(er)s: Bereavement and Gender Effects on Lifestyle and Participation
Ann Bowling
  Adding Quality to Quantity: Older People's Views on their Quality of Life and its Enhancement

Kevin McKee
  Evaluating the Impact of Reminiscence on Quality of Llife of Older People
David Blane
  Influences on Quality of Life in Early Old Age
Mary Maynard
  Women, Ethnicity and Empowerment in Later Life
James Nazroo
  Ethnic Inequalities in Quality of Life at Older Ages: Subjective and objective components
Sara Arber
  Older Men: Their Social World and Healthy Lifestyles
Alexandra Withnall
  Older People and Lifelong Learning: Choices and Experiences
Ivan Robertson
  Older People's Experience of Paid Employment: Participation and Quality of Life

Mary Gilhooly
  Quality of Life and Real Life Cognitive Functioning
Mary Gilhooly
  Transport and Ageing: Extending Quality of Life for Older People via Public and Private Transport
Christina Victor
  Loneliness, Social Isolation and Living Alone in Later Life
Sheila Peace
  Environment and Identity in Later Life: A Cross-setting Study
Thomas Scharf
  Older People in Deprived Neighbourhoods: Social Exclusion and Quality of Life in Old Age

Graham Beaumont
  Quality of Life of the Healthy Older People: Residential Setting and Social Comparison Processes
  Lorna Warren   Older Women's' Lives and Voices: Participation and Policy in Sheffield
Lynda Clarke Grandparent: Its meaning and Contgibution to Older People's Lives
Jabeer Butt Quality of Life and Social Sup;ort Among Older People from Different Ethnic Groups

Sue Tester Exploring Perceptions of Qualtiy of Life of Frail Older People During and After the Transition to Institutional Care