Programme Officer
Growing Older
The ESRC Research Programme on Extending Quality of Life


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Dr Shabnam Khan is the ESRC Programme Officer for the Growing Older Research Programme.

Shabnam holds a PhD in applied social psychology. Other research interests include developmental, clinical and cross-cultural psychology. However, project management has always interested her and she has participated in and run a number of courses to facilitate team processes.

For the Growing Older Programme, Shabnam is the main link between the Programme and the ESRC Office. Primary responsibilities include liaising with the Director and Project award holders, providing advice with regards to ESRC policy and practice, processing and making any amendments to awards, and helping to monitor the progress of the Programme.

Contact Details:

Dr Shabnam Khan
Programme Officer
Manangement, Psychology, Linguistics & Educational Research Support Team
Polaris House
North Star Avenue

Tel:  01793 413068
Fax: 01793 413010